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 Certified Pain Specialist / Medical specialist of Anesthesiology  Lee Sang Ryull 

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                   We treat injured spinal nerves with Paravertebral root block(PVRB) not by operation.   Spinal disc Clinic                       Where we proceed Spinal nerve root block, Facet block, Epidural block and Trigeminal nerve block for each indicated disease.   Special nerve block Room
                    We analyze the causes of Myalgia, Arthralgia or Neuralgia. then we treat the causes efficiently.   Acute & chronic pain Clinic          We use physiotherapeutic machines after nerve blocks for better care of stability.   Physiotherapy Room
                     It deals with Palsy, Spasm, Trigeminal neralgia, Neuropathic pain, Recurrent pain after operation, Postinjury syndrome and Cancer pain.   Intractable pain Clinic                  As pain subsiding and as circulation increasing, we educate and check patient about stretching exercise of muscles and joints for further prevention of pain.   Exercise Room
                      We consult Growing pain, Myalgia from inadequate posture or hyperactivity, Allergic rhinitis and Atopy.   Pain Clinic for Children                Infrared thermal sand lounge supports to treat chronic diseases by enhancing circulation.   Warming therapy Room
                       We use Autonomic nerve therapy(SGB) and drugs for Postdelivery pain syndrome, Perimenstrual syndrome, Ovulatory disorder, Osteoporosis or osteopenia, Hyperemesis and Circulatory insufficiency.   Pain Clinic for Women                 You can consult to medical specialist about every diseases.   Health Q/A Room
                        We manage Degenerative deseases and dysfunctions of the Aged to rehabilitate daily life.   Pain Clinic for the Aged               We have special therapy room for Privacy.   Woman therapy Room
                         We have a best Know-How to treat Foreigner.   Pain Clinic for Foreigner               It is recommanded to seek abnormalities of spines, bones and joints. then we decide the necessity of CT or MRI.   X-ray Room
                          We manage Overweight effectively to prevent and to treat degenerative diseases.   Obesity Clinic                            We manage hormonal balance to enhance health of the Aged.   AntiAging Clinic
                           We have Lecture schedules to enhancing knowledge of health for regional society.   Health lecture                            It is a perfect treatment for muscles, tendons and ligaments.   Prolotherapy


Opus building 2F, Seokchon-dong 296-10, Songpa-gu, Seoul, KOREA (postal No. 138-190)

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