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 Spinal nerve root block(PVRB) with special block needle at intervertebral foramen to treat Hypersensitive and edematous nerve roots injured by herniated intervertebral disc For spinal nerves

 Trigger point injection(TPI) and intramuscular stimulation(IMS) to treat Myofascial pain syndrome caused by overuse or repetitive muscular stimulation For muscles

 Peripheral nerve block to treat Hypersensitive or deranged nerves caused by chronic pain or dysfunctional diseases For peripheral nerves

 Joint therapy of jaw, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, pelvis, hip, knee and ankle with Sprain or degenerative changes For joints

 Stellate ganglion block(SGB) for increasing blood flow to treat dysfunctions of central autonomic nervous system(Dysautonomia) caused by chronic fatigue and stress For autonomic nerves

 Physiotherapy with the newest medical equipments and supporting programs to keep Comfortable and stable therapy For physiotherapy

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